School Shoe Shopping

With the new school year here, parents are concerned about getting the necessary notebooks, pens, and pencils etc. for school. Shoes are likely part of that but have you had your child’s foot measured?

Shoes are important to the normal growth and development of a child’s foot. Shoes that do not fit properly can be a distraction to the child’s focus and create problems for the future of the child’s foot health including bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, ingrown toenail‘s and others

The following are some tips to follow when shopping for your children’s shoes.

-Make sure the child’s foot is measured every six months and includes appropriate length, width, and girth. The child’s foot grows quickly. Even I discovered my daughter was in shoes too small when she went through a particular foot growth spurt when she was younger.

-Check their shoes and feet regularly even if you recently had them measured. Time gets away from us in this busy world we now live in. Six months is not that long anymore and before you know it, the child’s toes are curled up inside the now, too small shoes.

-If your child’s foot appears flat, look at the heel position from behind. The heels should be vertical to the ground and if not, a shoe with a firm heel counter along with wedging or a support in the shoe would be indicated. Allowing the foot to grow and mature with the heel in any position but vertical can lead to many problems now and certainly in their future. Pain in the child’s legs often referred to as “growing pains “are commonly caused by this abnormal heel position.

-Examine your child’s feet regularly. Do the nails look normal? Are the toes straight? Is the heel vertical when viewed from behind? Are there any areas of redness, irritation or abnormal looking skin? Look for warts or other such skin changes/abnormalities.

In your back to school preparation for your child, don’t forget to examine the feet and ensure they have shoes with good support and correct fit. Go to a full-service shoe store that professionally measures the foot. You and your child will be glad you did!


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