Santa's Elves and Their Feet

Do you know what it is like to work in a workshop all day long standing on your feet for hours and hours.  We recently talked to Buddy one of the Elves from the north pole.  He has worked in Santa's workshop for 346 years now but states his feet aren't what they were 135 years ago.  On top of the long hours, the pointed elf shoes haven't helped.  Santa brought in some cushion rubber mats about 60 years ago but it hasn't helped much.  Buddy has had a problem with heel pain and specifically a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.

After talking to Buddy, we got him more supportive shoe gear, inserts, and stretching exercises.  Often times patients require a steroid injection to help decrease the inflammation and pain so that the stretching and inserts can do their job.  In Buddy's case, this was successful.  His feet are a lot jollier now!

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