Pregnancy Effects on the Foot

A female carrying a baby human means weight gain. We all know that. But this added weight can cause foot pain during a woman’s pregnancy.  The center of gravity of a more advanced pregnant female drives the foot into pronation or in layman’s terms, causes the foot to roll inward. This condition can cause arch fatigue and heel pain and can be treated conservatively with arch supports and proper fitting footwear. Unfortunately, it isn’t just as easy to go to the local store and pick up a pair of good arch supports. The over the counter brands are not made well. My recommendation? See your podiatric foot specialist about what they have in their offices or inquire about having a set made to custom fit your foot.  Choose shoes that provide good support and shock absorption. The other most common complaint is swelling in the legs, feet and ankles. Standing and sitting jobs both cause the blood to pool in the lower legs. This can be uncomfortable certainly, but treated by elevating as much as possible, and wearing a medical grad compression sock.  Stretch as often as you can, and perform calf raises to pump blood back up your body. 

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