Pick your Nose not your Toes!

Recently we have had several patients come into our office with bad ingrown nails, and skin infections from picking at their feet.  When you pick at your nails or try to trim the beginnings of an ingrown nail out yourself, it is very easy to leave a piece that will grow deeper into the skin.  This leads to infection.  If you think you have ingrown nail starting, come see our professionals at Indiana Podiatry Group.


In addition we have people recently picking at "dead skin," or callouses on their feet.  They rip off a piece of skin and create a wound.  It is easy for this to then get infected and cause a cellulitis.  Moisturize you skin daily with a good moisturizing cream, do not apply that between the toes, and if you are concerned about a blister or callous call your friendly family foot doctor at Indiana Podiatry Group.

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