While Lamisil (terbinafine) remains the most effective cure for nail fungus from a research perspective, it still has its limitations as well as risks. By using a topical antifungal medication properly formulated to penetrate the nail tissue along with an oral antifungal like Lamisil, one can attack the fungus from above and below. This can increase the effectiveness of the treatment, and may help to prevent the need to extend the time Lamisil is used to fully eradicate the fungus. Our doctors use Formula 3, an effective and safe topical medication containing tolnaftate and a special delivery solution that enhances nail penetration, something most preparations of tolnaftate (like cream) cannot do. In our experience, Formula 3 has a higher effectiveness rate than the prescription topical nail fungus medication, is guaranteed by the manufacturer to work (or they will refund your purchase price no questions asked), and actually in and of itself is an effective way of treating nail fungus even without Lamisil. Our doctors see numerous scenarios where Formula 3 is actually the primary medication used to kill nail fungus. For those on Lamisil, Formula 3 can be a great additive medication to kill nail fungus, and help to improve the overall success of the treatment plan. Call the office for more details on Formula 3 and your overall nail fungus treatment if you have other questions not answered in your treatment visits.

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