Diabetes and Neuropathy

If you are a diabetic, you may have been told by your physicians that you are at an increased risk of infection and neuropathy.  What is neuropathy and why are you at this increased risk of infection?

The less control you have of your blood sugar the more damage is being done to your body which includes your nerves.  Nerves allow you to have the sense of touch and when blood sugar consistently runs high, nerves start to malfunction and can permanently be damaged causing numbness along with burning pain and the loss of your sense of touch.  That is called diabetic peripheral neuropathy.   And if you lose the ability to feel then you are at an increased risk of having wounds that appear and reappear due to recurrent trauma that you now cannot feel.  Which then consequently puts you at an increased risk of infection which may lead to possible surgery or even surgical emergencies.  It's very important to have strict control of your blood glucose levels to maintain your body's health.

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