My Toenail Became Thick After I Injured It and It Hurts in Shoes!

Toenail injuries are common and can heal slowly.  Unfortunately, the cells that grow nail tissue at the base of the nail are generally fragile and can become damaged when the nail is injured.  The damage can result in a permanent change to the nail once it fully heals, in that the nail can grow out thick, curved, or even upward.  Sometimes the nail can become so deformed it hurts from pressure when wearing shoes.  This deformity will always be there after such an injury, and no amount of trimming or even temporary nail removal will change that.

Options for relief are somewhat limited, but a long-term solution is available.  Some people opt to have the nail thinned out and professionally trimmed to reduce its thickness.  This is a process that requires repeating every few months for life because the thickness returns as the nail grows.  A more permanent solution is to simply have the toenail permanently removed.  This minimal procedure is performed in our office, when the toe is numbed with a local anesthetic, and the painful nail is removed.  The nail root cells are then removed with a chemical application to the nail base, so the nail does not grow back.  The skin under the nail has quickly with minimal home care, and the pain stops when the nail is gone.

If you have a thick toenail that hurts in shoes, come see us soon to discuss your options and start down the path to relief!

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