My Child's Heels Hurt...what's that all about?

We see a lot of children in our practice and pride ourselves on catering to the needs of children and their parents.  One of the most common conditions we see in children is something called Calcaneal Apophysitis or Sever's Disease.  If you can pronounce the first one, kudos to you and if you just hear the second, it sounds like something awful!  It is, in fact, an inflammation of a growth plate in the back of the heel.

This is most common in the age range of 8-14 years old, often times seen in girls a bit earlier than boys. This is very common in athletic kids who are active in sports like soccer, football, baseball, track, cross-country, and basketball.  Often time’s patients will have severe pain after activity.  During the day and regular activity there won't be much discomfort but after running it can be very severe.  I often treat these patients with a cast for 2 weeks non-weight bearing, followed by gel heel cups, custom orthotics, and physical therapy to stretch the Achilles tendon.  If your child's heels are hurting after activity have them seen by one of the professionals at Indiana Podiatry Group!

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