Ma, ma, ma, my Neuroma!

Well, those might not be the words to the song but if you have a neuroma, the balls of your feet will be singing a blues song, because they are painful.  The most common symptoms of a neuroma are:

1. A feeling that your sock is wrinkled up under the ball of your foot or a small stone is in your shoe.

2. Burning, tingling, numbness that occasionally shoots into the toes and mainly stays in the ball of your foot.  People try to ease the pain by massaging their foot.

3. A painful lump that reproduces the symptoms.

A neuroma is a swelling of a nerve between the metatarsals, in the ball of the foot.  These are often very treatable by conservative measures including anti-inflammatories, stretching, padding, and shoe gear modification.  Often times a steroid injection will help immensely to cure the pain.  In many ways, this will act like a pinched nerve in the foot.  If you are experiencing pain in the ball of your foot or similar symptoms to above, give our experts at Indiana Podiatry Group a call.

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