Like a Fine Wine: How Age Affects Your Feet & Ankles

Wouldn’t it be great if as we aged our tendons, ligaments, and joints got better?  Well, unfortunately they don’t.  Sadly, as we age, our bodies are slowly breaking down.  I always tell my patients that we all get younger…it’s a nice way to say that their problems are likely related to the natural progression our tissues take through life.  Our tendons become less flexible and instead more rigid and easy to tear/rupture.  Our joints, once glistening with nice smooth, hyaline cartilage, now look like the surface of the moon and are stiff and hurt with motion.  Ligaments are less flexible and more easy to rupture or tear.  As you head back out this spring to start up outdoor activities and sports with friends remember to warm up and slowly progress your activity.  Remember also to stretch after activity to help prevent injury later.  Keep moving to keep your joints healthy, move it or lose it, is what I always say.  If you take care of your body today, it will take care of you tomorrow!

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