Kickball Injuries Send 10,000 Kids To the ER Each Year?

Did you know that kickball has a higher rate of injury, including ankle injuries than martial arts or tennis?

According to a new review study out of the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, kickball sends approximately 10,000 kids to the emergency room every year.  By comparison, martial arts sent about 9000 kids to the emergency room each year, and tennis only 6500 kids. The most common injuries were sprains, strains, muscle tears, as well as fractures.  The ankle and fingers were the most frequently injured site, with ankle sprains taking the top spot amongst most common injuries.  Boys aged 10-12 had the highest rate of injury, and a little over half of the injuries occurred in school settings under adult supervision.

This study goes to show that even sports considered ‘gentle’ can sometimes surprise us with injury, and in our opinion, it is important to teach kids safe play strategies in sports of all types to help reduce the chance of injury.   As always, any foot and ankle injury in a child should be seen by a foot and ankle specialist even after an emergency room visit to ensure no long term harm is made to the growing foot.

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