It’s summer!!! Sweaty, Smelly Feet?

 With the temperature rising sweaty feet and smelly feet can be a real issue.  Sweaty feet and foot odor are two-foot conditions that are often experienced together. While stinky feet are definitely embarrassing, feet that sweat excessively can lead to other foot problems, even creating an environment conducive to the development of athlete’s foot. Closed shoes make feet sweat, but in the winter, you can’t avoid wearing them. Instead, practice good foot hygiene. Wash feet daily with soap and water, keep shoes and socks dry, and choose socks that wick away moisture. Change shoes and socks regularly and consider rubbing cornstarch or applying antiperspirant directly onto the soles of your feet.

If having trouble resolving the issue on your own there are prescription products that can help.  Certainly, if you have a bacterial or fungal infection in the skin, this may contribute as well and will require treatment from a podiatrist.  Give our experts a call and we will get your feet well on their way for a healthy and enjoyable summer.

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