It's NOT Spring YET!!! 

It is Time to examine your boots and winter shoes with all the snow we just got!

We have just had a little snow this season and even though it was only a dusting you can bet more is on its way. As we prepare for this cold weather remember to fully examine your boots and winter shoes.  To prevent falls and injury check the soles to make sure they are in good condition. Look for any rips or tears that might allow water or snow to get in. If you are a diabetic fully examine the inside of these shoes and boots and make sure no foreign bodies have made their way in there. Check to make sure the fit is still good in case foot shape has changed or if you have swollen feet and legs.

Last year was an exceptionally cold winter so be prepared for more frigid temps and make sure your boots are rated for the cold you will be exposed too. Have insulated or wool socks available for the really cold days. Change socks immediately if they get wet. Frostbite, sprains, fractures are just among a few of the more serious injuries we see during the colder months. Check your winter gear ahead of time and make sure you can enjoy your winter season injury-free.

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