Is a callus just a callus?

For most people, a callus is just a callus, something annoying, maybe uncomfortable if it gets too thick but not limb-threatening.

For a diabetic, a callus is like a breast lump.  It may be nothing, but it has to be evaluated to prevent very dire outcomes.

A callus is a precursor to an open wound in people with vascular disease (PVD) or loss of protective sensation (neuropathy).

Both of these conditions play a large role in the unfortunate and many times preventable end result of amputation.

We take many steps throughout the day, each step causing pressure to the foot. The skin response to this pressure is a thicker shield (the callus).

Left untreated the callus continues to exert pressure on the inside of the foot.  The bone that is usually underneath most calluses traps the soft tissue and prevents blood and oxygen from flowing, which ends up killing the skin which then causes a wound or "ulcer” to develop.

This open hole then allows bacteria to enter the foot causing infection or WORSE!

Just like in breast cancer self-examination is critical. Early intervention is the key to preventing limb loss. Just. Like in Breast Cancer, limb loss means lost years on your life span.

Don't let something preventable shorten your time here with loved ones.

Get your feet checked regularly by your Podiatrist



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