Most of the major issues that afflict feet and ankles during the winter months occur due to the icy conditions outside. As podiatrists, we see more of traumatic injuries during the winter than the rest of the year. The worst injuries we see are fractures, and often these can be prevented.
Many fractures occur due to slipping on icy surfaces. Improper shoes can sometimes be blamed, as the soles are typically worn out, not providing enough traction to walk over the ice. People can fall and injure their feet or ankles when there is not enough traction, requiring treatment that may include surgery. Many shoes have rubber soled bottoms providing traction for ice. These can include many types of boots and tennis shoes.
One easy way to reduce the likelihood of injuring your foot or ankle this winter is to make sure your shoes are appropriate for the weather, with a proper tread on the soles and appropriate support. Also, keep your own outdoor surfaces safe to walk on by keeping your sidewalks and driveways clear.
If you have questions or concerns about how to keep your feet safe this winter, do not hesitate to contact Indiana Podiatry Group for answers.
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