My Ingrown Toenail Keeps Coming Back - How Can I Stop It?

Ingrown toenails are annoying at best, and at worst the source of chronic pain and skin infection.  They can be caused by a deformity of the nail at birth, or by gradual damage to the cells that grow nail due to tight shoes, minor toe injuries, and even damage from nail fungus.  The symptoms can include pain, swelling of the skin against the nail, as well as infection (redness, drainage).  Cutting the nail back, soaking the toe, and using topical antibiotic ointment can temporarily relieve the symptoms.  However, in many cases, the symptoms return over time and can potentially become a regular problem.

A simple solution to stop ingrown toenails permanently involves a minimal procedure which can be performed in our office, where the toe is numbed with a local anaesthetic, and the painful nail border is removed.  The nail root cells are then removed with a chemical application to the nail base, so the nail border does not grow back.  The side of the nail heals quickly with minimal care at home and results in no more chronic ingrown toenail pain.  Our podiatrists combined have performed tens of thousands of these procedures and are well experienced at getting rid of ingrown toenails for good.

If you suffer from frequent ingrown toenail issues, have an infected toe, or have one that will not stop hurting, come see us soon to discuss your options and start you down the path to relief!

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