Hey you’re a Fun-guy

Toenail fungus is no fun.  Toenail fungus is characterized by thick, yellow, crumbly, toenails.  They can be painful and sometimes can present with itching, dry, scaly skin on the feet.  That is because the same fungus that causes athletes foot causes toenail fungus and they can spread from skin to nail and nail to skin.  Toenail fungus is indeed an infection of the toenail.  Thus it is recommended that you treat the infection with an antifungal medication much like you would treat a bacterial infection with an antibiotic.  The most effective treatment is oral Lamisil or Terbinafine for generic.  It is reported to be around 85% effective at treating toenail fungus.  It kills the fungus at the root/base of the nail and the part that is already infected will grow out and be clipped off.  Because the average toenail takes around 12 months to grow from one end to the other, that is how long before a nail is completely clear of the fungus.  That said, average treatment with oral Lamisil is 90 days only.

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