Heel Pain Slowing Down Your Mornings?

Are you having super painful heel pain the first few steps in the morning getting out of bed? You are probably suffering from plantar fasciitis. What is plantar fasciitis? Well you have a long thick ligament that spans the entire bottom of your feet which attaches to the bottom of your heel bone. Everytime you walk your arch will slightly collapse which cause pulling and inflammation at its insertion site. How do we treat this? Well I would say 95 percent of my patients get better with conservative modalities and rarely do these patients ever need surgery. If you are having severe pain a steroid injection would give you immediate relief of pain and get you out of the acute inflammatory stage. However to prevent reoccurrence of the plantar fasciitis stretching exercises and rolling a frozen water bottle on the bottoms of your heels will help greatly. Lastly an insert or orthotic will help with controlling your arch and decreasing the amount of pull and strain on the ligament. Call and schedule an appointment with your nearest IPG podiatrist for a more thorough examination.

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