Heel pain is the most common foot problem of Americans

Do your heels hurt when you first get up after being seated or out of bed in the morning? The statistics say there is a good chance as Heel pain is the most common foot problem of Americans, even approaching 20%

Many people try to ignore the early signs of heel pain but this generally leads to additional problems due to limping and changing the way you walk.

It is a common misconception that heel Spurs are to blame. Plantar fasciitis is the cause of pain as well as development of the spur. Our feet are not made for the concrete world we live in and working on your feet on concrete day after day can lead to inflammation of the band of tissue on the bottom of the foot called the planter fascia. The pain is generally centered under the heel and may be mild at first but tends to flare up when you take your first steps after getting up in the morning or resting for a period of time.

Planter fasciitis can be resolved quickly if treated early but the longer it persists, it’s like a burning fire - more damage is caused and more difficult to resolve.

Conservative care is successful in most cases with the literature stating that 85% of the time it is successful. We have better than a 99% success rate in our office with conservative care which may include prescription medicines, physical therapy, stretching, injections, custom shoe inserts called orthotics and splinting. Surgery is a last resort but when necessary, it is done endoscopically which means a 1/4” incision on one side of the heel and even smaller on the other side of the heel through which I insert a fiber optic camera which allows me to visualize and release the planter fascia from the heel. You are able to walk on this immediately afterward. But before we talk surgery, we exhaust conservative care as usually, it is successful.

Other problems associated with your pain include Achilles tendinitis which is inflammation of the tendon that attaches to the back of the heel bone, tendonitis to a major tendon on the inside and or outside of the ankle due to changing the way you walk and capsulitis or an inflammation of the joints in the ball of your foot all due to changing the way you walk.

So, before you allow that fire we call “Heel pain “burn and cause more damage, come see us. We can help.

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