Best of luck on your resolutions this year and hopefully you are committed to better health and a better you.  As you spend this month reading ingredient labels, trekking to the gym in below zero temperatures, and pushing through the personal mental and emotional roadblocks, remember it is the little changes that over time make the biggest difference.  I had a mentor that always said, “If you see where you want to be, turn yourself and start walking in that direction.”  It makes so much sense!  You can’t get “over there” if your feet are pointed in the opposite direction.  The other truth to that statement is you have to start taking “steps.”  You cannot get from here to there without taking steps towards the end goal. 


How are you going to lose 10 pounds? One pound at a time.  How are you going to start eating healthy? One smart choice at a time.  I’d like to recommend the book “How not to Die” by Michael Greger, MD and the website as a great place to start educating yourself about diet and exercise.  Warm wishes on your journey in 2018!

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