Got Milk?

Evidence is not completely clear on the effects of Vitamin D supplementation in regards to bone healing and fracture prevention; in the orthopedic lecture, there is an increase of fractures and fusion surgeries that do not heal, correlated to low Vitamin D levels.  Those of us living in the north will naturally receive less Vitamin D.
All types of fractures in elderly individuals indicate the need for secondary prevention and the implementation of appropriate guidelines concerning falls, vitamin D, and osteoporosis. 
Recommended daily intake for the prevention of osteoporosis:
·      1,000 milligrams of calcium = 3.3 cups
·      800 units of vitamin D
·      1 g/kg body weight of the protein
Keys to protecting your bones:
·      Supplementation
·      Drinking Milk
·      Weight Training
·      Not Smoking

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