Freckles on Your Feet: Should You Worry?

It’s not a tumor …or is it? This summer be sure to lather on the sunscreen.  I have to say that I am happy to see the awareness that has been brought to skin cancer and sun exposure over my lifetime.  I know as a kid I suffered many sunburns and wearing sunscreen wasn’t pushed all that much.  I remember too, kids bragging about their tans and how they didn’t have to wear sunscreen.  Personally, I could get a sunburn sitting under a 15-watt fluorescent bulb.  Nonetheless, as we collect freckles over the years we as foot doctors pay attention to odd looking lesions seen in the feet.  The foot is not a common place to have freckles and if they are on the sole of the foot, in-between toes, etc.…it might be pertinent to biopsy these.  I have seen several patients over the years that a simple biopsy saved their life as we identified melanoma early on and the patient was able to resolve completely with early treatment.  If you have a skin lesion on your foot and especially if it is has changed size, shape, color, etc.…have a professional at Indiana Podiatry Group take a look…it might save your life.

I am 12 and have a freckle under my foot since well, forever and I want to know if it’s safe and why it’s there
by Amelia Rabalais October 8, 2018 at 09:44 PM
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