Foot Changes During Pregnancy

Average weight gain during pregnancy can be between 25 to 35 pounds! Along with all the other changes a woman's body goes through, this extra weight can put a strain on the arches and heels. That added pressure can cause the arch to collapse and the plantar fascia to become painful. When this tissue becomes inflamed, it's called plantar fasciitis. Pain in this area, especially first thing in the morning, can be helped by stretching and wearing firm arch support.

Another common occurrence in your feet during pregnancy is swelling. Swelling, or edema, can become more noticeable in the third trimester and is due to all the extra blood and fluid accumulated during pregnancy. Regular exercise, elevation of your feet, and compression stockings can help this swelling. If you experience swelling only on one side of the body you should notify your doctor.

Finally, cramps in the legs may become more notable and painful. Stretching your calves and staying hydrated is important to prevent leg cramps from worsening!

If you are experiencing any of the above, a podiatrist can help. Don't let foot pain slow you down during your pregnancy!

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