Every week someone is hurt doing this? Lawnmower Injuries Are A Real Danger to Your Feet and Hands

Spring has been with us, summer is almost here, and people are excited to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Many cannot wait to mow their lawn.  At this time, lawn mower injuries are at the highest.  Many people do not take the care to make sure their mower is in proper working order, and even some mow their lawn without shoes.  This can increase the chance of injury.  Foot and hand injuries are particularly common.

In 2017, Each year more than 70,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for lawn mower injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 100 deaths are reported each year, as well. Types of injuries include: cuts, burns, broken bones and even amputation.  Immediately following a lawn mower accident, call emergency medical services.  Try to identify and stabilize the injury.  An open wound can be covered with a clean, dry bandage.  If there has been an amputation, do your best to cover the wound, and keep the separated body part if able.

Treatment is often associated with the severity of the injury.  The physician will help manage this.  Many complications from lawn mower injuries can occur, including: Infection of the wound, loss of sensation, slow fracture healing.

These types of injuries can be prevented.  Only use a mower that has protection.  Push mowers should have a control that stops forward motion when the handle is released.  If children are in the yard during mowing, they should remain away from the lawn mower at all times.  Always wear shoes while mowing the lawn.  Do no wear sandals or go barefoot. 

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