Enjoy the warm weather and stay safe.
Summertime means open shoes, bare feet and swimming pools. Letting your feet breathe after a long season of closed shoes can feel good but there are certain conditions you should be on the lookout for during the summer season, one in particular is plantars warts. Swimming pools are higher risk locations in which to come into contact with the virus responsible for these warts. When possible one should always wear some type of footwear, except when in the water to decrease your chance of contracting plantars warts. The wart usually start out as a small callused area, then continues to grow and becomes painful. You may see you little black tops in the area that may indicate you now have a wart and the skin will lose its skin lines. Quick treatment is recommended. Your doctor will usually remove some of the top skin to expose the wart then apply some topical acid solutions and commonly a home treatment as well. Other options are freezing; cutting the wart out, duct tape, etc. Your Podiatrist will help choose the best course of action. Treatment can involve more than a couple visits as warts can be stubborn.

Remember to protect your feet at all times! Enjoy the warm weather and stay safe.

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