Here are some Great Tips before getting a Pedicure

The question of pedicures frequently comes up during visits to the office. As a general rule, I try to discourage my diabetic patients from having pedicures done. This is not to say that all diabetics are at high risk for foot complications. Well-controlled diabetics with no evidence of circulation issues or loss of feeling can have pedicures done with minimal risk but there are some steps to take to lower your risk even more.

1. Find a place that practices with the utmost in cleanliness.

2. Cancel an appointment if you have any cuts scrapes or redness around your nails or anywhere on the skin where you may come in contact with surfaces used by other people.

3. Don't shave your feet/legs before going.  Shaving may leave small open cuts that may lead to infection.

4. Don't allow razors to be used on feet. Insist on pumice stone or other less dangerous abrasives to reduce calluses.

5. Don't allow the technician to dig out ingrown nails. As a diabetic only your physician should perform these services.


Following the above steps will reduce your risk but remember that if your diabetes is not well controlled and you have PVD or Neuropathy absolutely see your Podiatrist for these services.

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