Do You Have Sweaty Feet?                                                                         

Hyperhydrosis is the term for excessive sweating of the feet but whether you have this actual condition that often affects the palms of the hands too or just routine sweaty summer feet, the treatments are similar.  Too much moisture can increase your risk of picking up an infection, fungal, bacterial or otherwise. Wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap and if you can’t shower, rinse those puppies off. Dry them thoroughly and spray on an anti-perspirent deodorant to the bottoms of your feet followed by wicking socks if you insist on wearing socks in the summer.  Just don’t wear socks and sandals; this is a fashion sin. Additionally, you’ll want to keep your shoes clean too. Feel free to wash your shoes in the washer as long as they are a washable material like nylon or canvas. And for you all natural people looking for homeopathic solutions try basting your feet in black tea.  Make certain you let the steeped tea cool to room temperature before soaking.   The tannins in the tea help to reduce sweat production.

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