Do I Have A Pinched Nerve in the Ball of My Foot?

The foot has many nerves to give it sensation and help control fine-tune movement from the muscles in the foot itself.  These nerves pass through and next to other structures that can sometimes cause irritation to the nerve tissue.  There are several nerves in the foot that commonly become irritated.  The ball of the foot near the base of the toes is a very common location for nerve irritation.  The nerves that run lengthwise here can become irritated by pressure from the bottom of the foot due to injury or simply one’s foot structure and can even be irritated by tight shoes.  This condition is called a neuroma.  Symptoms can include pain, numbness, tingling, and/or burning in the ball of the foot as well as several toes.  It can feel like one is walking on a lump or pebble.  Sometimes simply taking off shoes and rubbing the area helps relieve pain.

Treatment involves reducing the inflammation around the nerve so it can heal, as well as controlling the structural problems that caused the nerve to become irritated in the first place.  This can include anti-inflammatory medication, exercises to help the ankle bend better to reduce pressure to the ball of the foot, as well as structural support to reduce pressure on the nerve.  Some people do require surgery to remove the damaged nerve if it does not otherwise heal.  This procedure has a relatively quick recovery and leads to long term relief.  We are highly experienced at treating neuromas and other nerve conditions in the foot and ankle and have a treatment plan that is right for you.

Don’t let a pinched nerve keep you in pain, come see us soon to discuss your options and start down the path to relief!

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