Did you know that orthotics are to your feet like eyeglasses are to your eyes?

When you think of orthotics and arch support, do eyeglasses and contacts come to mind?  Orthotics are used to support flat feet and weak arches, much the same way that eyeglasses and contacts are used to support weak eyes.  Some people simply have feet that need extra support to reduce strain, prevent pain, and improve foot strength and endurance.  An orthotic is a simple device that goes into the shoe and provides this support.  It is a prescription device made of a mold of one's foot held in a corrected position and modified after measuring certain abnormalities in the foot and ankle structure.  Eyeglasses are also prescribed in this same way, by taking measurements and finding the necessary amount of correction needed to help the eyes function properly.  Proper foot function for those with foot pain is almost as important as proper vision for those with vision issues.  For some, the support provided by orthotics can make the difference between an inability to stand long enough to be productive at work, and an entire day of pain-free standing and moving.

While over-the-counter and retail arch support brands can help, only an orthotic can provide exact arch and foot structure correction, much like the difference between reading glasses in a pharmacy and prescription eyeglasses from the ophthalmologist or optometrist.  If you have arch and heel pain, sore feet at the end of the day, pain in the ball of the foot, or ankle soreness, an orthotic can help in the long-term prevention of these problems.  Before spending good money on flimsy padded arch supports from the drug store, come see Dr. Kilberg for a better option and a comprehensive treatment program to keep your feet healthy, strong, and pain-free.

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