Did you know heel pain has a lot of different causes?

While most people associate heel pain with a heel spur (more accurately plantar fasciitis), did you know that there are actually dozens of causes of heel pain? 

Here is a list of some of them:

Plantar fasciitis

Growth plate inflammation in kids


Stress fracture

Heel pad bruise

Tarsal tunnel syndrome (similar to carpal tunnel)

Nerve branch entrapment

Heel bone fracture

Punctured fat pad

Bone infection

Complications of sickle cell anemia


Heel fat pad shrinking

Skin cyst

Scar tissue

Rheumatoid nodules

Foreign body

Genetic diseases of the skeleton

Thyroid disease

Complications of diabetes

Rheumatoid arthritis


Other body-wide autoimmune arthritic conditions



Bone and cartilage tumors

Fat and muscle tumors

As you can see, a lot can go on in the heel to cause pain.  Sometimes heel pain is misdiagnosed, and ineffective treatment can lead to more pain or worse.  Be sure to see a foot specialist first if you start to feel regular heel pain.  At Indiana Podiatry Group, we pride ourselves in providing fast and effective relief for heel pain sufferers.

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