Christmas is almost here!!!! It's the season to be merry, but that also means an increase in foot injuries from broken ornaments, string lights, and other Christmas decorations.

Broken glass can mean a small splinter to a larger cut or laceration.  Cuts in the bottom of the foot can make walking difficult and painful for the average person, but for those of you who are diabetic even a small cut can be very dangerous. These types of injuries should be reported to your podiatrist immediately. Walking barefoot in the home should be avoided if you are diabetic. If you step on a piece of glass, attempt to remove the fragment if still visible. The wound should be rinsed with water and cleaned with soap immediately. Any bleeding should be controlled with sustained pressure until it stops. A disinfectant should be put on the cut such as Iodine solution and the wound dressed with a soft clean dressing and changed daily with additional application of a disinfectant.

If you cannot see the fragment and you believe it is lodged in the foot, professional help is recommended. If the area does not improve in a couple of days or becomes red and inflamed consult your podiatrist. You may also need to update your tetanus prophylaxis if it has been more than 10 years.

Enjoy your holiday and be safe!

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