Caring for Diabetic Feet at Home

Just because you are not going to your Podiatrist for regular care due to these troubled times, it does NOT mean that you don't have to worry about your feet.  In fact, we are seeing MORE problems due to Diabetics neglecting their feet.  SO, to make it easy, there are only TWO things to do to protect your feet.

1. LOOK AT THEM!  You MUST inspect your feet daily, looking for calluses, color changes, swelling, rashes, or any open areas. If you can't see the bottom of your feet, please get someone to help you or look for you.  They can even take a picture of the bottom of your feet to show you.

2. WEAR SHOES!  Yes, EVEN IN THE HOUSE!  The single biggest problem that we are now seeing is related to injuries.  Stepping on something, bumping into furniture, or dropping something on your feet.  Wear shoes (Your diabetic shoes if you have them) when you are "Standing up and not in the shower." Socks or flimsy slippers are not enough to protect you from injuries.

If ANY problems or concerns, PLEASE call us.  We ARE seeing patients and will take every recommended safety precaution.

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