Are your feet experiencing the Summer Swell? Not uncommon this time of year, swelling (also known as edema) can be triggered as the temperature soars leading to fluid buildup in your body. Gravity takes over and does the rest. Here are some tips on how to cope with the Summer Swell.

1. Proper support. It's tempting to default to a flip flop in the summer but a choose a shoe that offers a good arch support. Reducing stress on your feet will keep inflammation out. For added support you may consider the proper orthotic.

2. Exercises. Start a simple foot exercising routine. Write the A-B-C's with your toes. The foot muscles make excellent "pumps" to move fluid.

3. Elevate. While resting elevate your feet so your heel is above your knee.

Others tips. Avoid a salty diet, maintain a good blood pressure, wear compression stockings. If you have swelling that is persistent then you may need to see an Indiana Podiatry Group physician.

9 surprising risk factors for developing a blood clot. It doesn't sound that concerning, but blood clots that develop in the deep veins of your leg (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) can be life threatening.

1. Premature birth

2. Genetic blood disorders

3. Cancer

4. Traumatic brain injury

5. Birth control pills

6. Hormone replacement therapy

7. Pregnancy and childbirth

8. Immobilization

9. Vitamin D deficiency

Watch out for a single leg that has sudden onset of unexplained swelling, red, hot and painful to squeeze. If you're experiencing these, you should seek medical attention

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