Spring is upon us and along with it, spring break.  It is time to dust off those sandals and flip-flops for a week stint in the Caribbean or “Somewhere on a Beach.”  Every year around this time, I start to get a lot of questions and concerns about nail problems. 

Nail problems are one of the most prevalent foot woes in both men and women. These problems can range from ingrown toenails to fungal infections. “Ingrown toenails—a condition in which the corners of sides of a nail dig painfully into the soft tissue of the nail grooves—is the most common form of nail problem,” Dr. Gumbiner says. To avoid ingrown toenails, trim nails straight across and don’t dig into the corners. If a toenail becomes infected, see a podiatrist immediately for treatment. Those with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and other circulatory disorders should seek a podiatrist’s care on a regular basis to help prevent complications



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