“Okay now that I’ve increased my running, I have blisters on feet”. 

Well, tape may be cure and it’s a cheap fix. When you run, or jog you increase the friction on certain places on your foot. Running, jogging and speed walking mean you increase the repetitions of steps of each foot.  You can use paper tape which costs under a dollar and peels off easy and is only slightly sticky so it won’t tear blisters that may have already formed.  And don’t tear those blisters off if you can help it. Lance them and compress the fluid out. Another alternative tape is silk tape. A bit costlier but is strongly adherent so it will allow you to get it wet in the shower without it peeling off right away.  Not a runner? Well, you might find you still get a blister here and there when you wear a certain dress shoe. The back of the heel is a common location. Apply a strip of tape here before you don a dress shoe to prevent blister formation. Another common area is over that pesky bunion.

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