How do you know you have a good shoe?

  It always makes sense to spend the extra money on shoes and mattresses.   You spend a good percentage of your time alive either standing up or laying down.  Shoes and shoe technology have come a long way.  In my perfect podiatry world people would wear RUNNING shoes all day long.  These are typically built to support the foot better than any other shoe.  In terms of dress shoes, wearing a lace-up oxford type shoe is the best in support.  Slip on shoes do not provide much in the way of support.

Simple tests to see if the shoe you have is a good supportive shoe.  Push the shoe front to back.  It should only bend at the widest part of the shoe, near the ball.  If the shoe can bend in half it is not a good shoe.  Next twist the shoe side to side and try to ring it out like a rag.  It shouldn’t have much motion in this regard.  You want it to be pretty stiff.  Finally push the heel counter side to side.  This should be rigid without any bend or flex.  If you ever have questions, swing by one of our offices at IPG and we would be able to help guide you.

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