Many parents try to save money and would like to do so by passing down their children’s shoes to their other children. This can be both good and bad. Shoes have become very expensive, factually I just purchased a pair of shoes for my 1-year-old that cost $25.00. Parents often feel they can splurge on a good pair of shoes that can be passed down, however, this is not always the case.

Children who have not begun to walk can utilize shoes from their older siblings, however, children who have become active need their own shoes. This is necessary because the shoes begin to wear down according to the child utilizing them, and unfortunately, not every two children wear their shoes in the same pattern. You do not want to place a shoe on a child that won’t give them the correct support they need.

Once a child becomes preschool age, it is important to pay attention to their activity level in their shoes and to make sure they have the proper shoe suited to their activity. If they are wearing their shoes out quicker, you may need to change their shoes more frequently.

It is ok to hand down shoes to the children who have yet to begin to walk, but remember, once they start cruising around the house, it is probably time to invest in their own shoes. For more information on appropriate shoes based on your child's foot structure and functional needs, please be sure to schedule an appointment with one of the podiatrists at Indiana Podiatry Group!

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