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Diabetic Foot Care

  • Wound Care Services


    Wound Care Services offers patients, clinics, agencies and facilities a singular resource for clinically advanced Therapy, Equipment, and Services.  Please browse the following links to learn more about our advanced clinical management programs:

Orthotics, Shoes, Inserts

  • M-Tech Lab

    M-Tech labs is an Indianapolis-based orthotic lab providing high quality orthotics expertly matched to our doctor's prescription. They offer a wide range of orthotic styles to fit all activity needs and shoe types, and consistently provide Indiana Podiatry Group's patients with a durable product and a quick fabrication time.

  • Dr. Comfort

    Dr. Comfort is the nation's top provider of quality diabetic shoes. They match and exceed Medicare's requirements for diabetic shoe qualification in all their models, and produce a comfortable and protective shoe that keeps our diabetic patients safe from shoe-related skin damage. Dr. Comfort also produces high quality heat molded and custom diabetic shoe inserts, as well as amputation fillers and diabetic socks.

  • Powerstep

    Powerstep inserts are the number one podiatrist dispensed off-the-shelf arch support. Their products are far superior to retail brand name inserts, as they do not deform easily under body weight, and are far more comfortable than off-the-shelf plastic arch support store inserts as they are not too rigid where the foot cannot tolerate non-custom designed rigidness. Better still, Powerstep inserts are priced lower than most other inserts, and offer at least six months durability.

  • CrocsRx

    CrocsRx are a medical grade version of the popular casual light activity shoe. They are designed with greater foot support in mind over traditional Crocs, and also offer antibacterial lining and a deep enough inner surface to allow the use of orthotics, shoe inserts, and diabetic inserts. A perfect house shoe or light activity shoe for those who need constant foot support, CrocsRx are also versatile enough to be used by everyone else who simply wants a lightweight supportive shoe.


  • The Fitted Foot


    The Fitted Foot Shoe Store logo

    The Fitted Foot provides the Ultimate in fit and comfort, selection and value. We care about more than just shoes; we strive to provide comfort for your whole body.

    Our trained associates devote the personal time needed to properly assess your feet, measure and ask the appropriate questions to determine your lifestyle needs. Using state of the art “I Step” technology we get to know your feet. This technology gives us a map of your feet such as arch height and stress points. We will evaluate and explain the results of your exam and the benefits of proper support with the right shoe. The right shoe makes all the difference in how we look and feel.

  • Foster Web Marketing

  • Bako Podiatric Pathology Services

    Bako Podiatric Pathology Services is the most used and highly regarded pathology lab for podiatrists. Bako's founder is a podiatrist and a pathologist, and they provide accurate diagnoses of the biopsy specimens we send in, well written reports with reference materials, and they produce those reports in a timely manner to ensure as little wait time for our patients as possible.


    Tried, Tested, and Proven Foot Care Products for Sale at Our Indiana Podiatry Group Offices