Formula 3 is a specially prepared topical nail medication for the treatment of nail fungus.  Nail fungus infections are caused by the same organisms that cause Athlete's foot fungus infections of the skin.  In general, these fungus organisms are treatable by the same medications whether they are in the skin or under the nail.  The active ingredient in Formula 3, tolnaftate, has been used to treat Athlete's foot infections for many years, and is commonly obtained in a pharmacy.  Unfortunately, the preparations found in the pharmacies that are used to treat Athlete's foot, namely creams, lotions, sprays, powders, and gels, are ineffective against nail fungus simply because the medications CANNOT penetrate through the nail to get to the skin underneath it where the fungus is living.  Nail tissue is impervious to non-oil based medications, as these compounds do not soak through the tight keratin material of the nail.  Even medications in the pharmacy that say they are for nail fungus do not have the correct properties for getting through the nail material, and a close inspection of their packaging will reveal that they are for treating infections of the skin around the nail, and not technically the nail itself.  This is an important distinction.

Formula 3 has a specifically formulated oil base to penetrate the nail tissue and lead to a cure of nail fungus.  This process gradually takes place as the nail grows outward, eventually resulting in a clear nail that is fungus free.   The medication is safe, has no significant side effects or medication interactions, and is easy to use.  While topical treatment of nail fungus is not curative in all patients, Formula 3 does have a fairly high effectiveness rate compared with all other topical treatments, and is the number one nail fungus medication dispensed by podiatrists.  The manufacturer also offers an unconditional money back guarantee if one is not satisfied with their treatment, something most legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers do not provide.  Our doctors trust in Formula 3, either as a safe alternate to or in conjunction with prescription oral antifungal medications in the treatment of toenail fungus.