If you like wearing shoes, clogs, and enclosed sandals without socks this summer, as many people do, you need to be aware of one potential problem:  foot fungus.  Foot fungus is a microorganism that thrives in warm, dark, moist environments, and lives on human skin tissue.  It causes athlete's foot, as well as nail fungus infections, and can result in dry, itchy, burning feet, and yellow, thick, unsightly nails.  Fungus can thrive in your shoes, feeding off of skin particles shed from one's foot, and can then infect the foot at a later time.  Fight back by destroying fungus in your shoes this summer using Mycomist, an anti-fungal spray that can eliminate surface fungus to help prevent infection.  Simply spray Mycomist into your shoes, immediately enclose each pair in a large sealable plastic bag, and let them sit overnight.  Repeat this procedure periodically this summer for every shoe you wear without socks, and you may prevent a future fungus infection.  This quality spray is available in both offices, and is also an essential part of after-treatment for those cured of nail fungus and chronic athlete's foot.