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Our Indiana Podiatry Offices Make Foot and Ankle Care a Family Affair

You realize how important proper foot care is for your family, but how are you supposed to juggle so many appointments, all with different podiatrists? You see one podiatrist for your heel pain, while your diabetic parent sees a podiatrist who specializes in diabetic foot care, and your kids see a different podiatrist who focuses on sports-related injuries in growing children.

We have good news: Indiana Podiatry Group is a family-focused business that treats all kinds of feet and patients of any age. Whether you are dealing with ingrown toenails, a sprained ankle, or bunions, we have the right doctor with the right training to get you on the road to recovery.

As your family's feet grow and change, Indiana Podiatry Group will always be here to take care of you. Also, with eight offices throughout Indiana, we are only a short drive from wherever you live in central Indiana. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling  888-431-8789

Complete Foot and Ankle Care for the Whole Family

What's the difference between seeking treatment from a podiatrist versus your family doctor versus an orthopedic surgeon? A podiatrist’s training is entirely related to conditions of the foot and ankle. Your family doctor has had very little training dealing specifically with foot & ankle care because they’ve focused instead on general practice. While there are orthopedic surgeons who specialize in foot and ankle care, it will most likely be for surgical purposes.

If you needed glasses, you wouldn't go to your family doctor for glasses, right? That's the same way people should feel about seeing a podiatrist, because we have dedicated our entire careers to the health and wellbeing of the lower extremities.


  • Heel Pain. Heel pain is extremely common and it can happen for many different reasons, such as plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, flat feet, or high arches.
  • Diabetic Foot Care. If you have diabetes, taking care of your feet is of the utmost importance. One small cut can very quickly turn into a big problem, so if you haven't made an appointment with a podiatrist yet, it's definitely time to do that. The podiatrists at Indiana Podiatry Group create a comprehensive treatment program for persons with diabetes, with a special emphasis on preventive care.
  • Sports-Related Injuries. It is wonderful to lead an active lifestyle, but it is not uncommon for athletes of all ages to seek out a podiatrist with experience in sports medicine. We frequently treat kids and adults with Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, turf toe, stress fractures, and other injuries.
  • Foot Surgery. Sometimes certain foot conditions may require surgery, including bunions, skin lesions, bone spurs, cysts, fungal nails, and serious fractures. When you meet with your podiatrist, they will be able to let you know if surgery could be necessary.
  • Ingrown Toenails. Ingrown toenails are common but extremely painful. If not treated quickly, ingrown toenails can become infected and may require surgery.
  • Bunions. The development of bunions is usually directly related to genetics, so if someone in your family had bunions that may explain why you do too. Bunions themselves are not hereditary, but the shape of your foot is, and the way you walk and use your feet play a role in whether or not bunions develop.


We treat nearly every type of foot or ankle condition, so even if you do not see your specific problem listed above, please call us to schedule an appointment and we will be happy to help you.

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The podiatrists at Indiana Podiatry Group care deeply about their patients and we're sure you will feel that in your first appointment with us. Call us today to schedule your appointment, or call to make appointments for the whole family!

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Conditions We Treat

Heel Pain Heel Pain

Heel pain is caused by many different conditions. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or any other heel pain-causing affliction, find information and treatment options here.



Diabetic Foot Care Diabetic Foot Care

Controlling one's blood sugar is perhaps the most important step in preventing foot problems. When blood sugar is normal, the potential for foot complications is significantly lessened. If kept under control, diabetes may not affect the feet and all of the conditions discussed here can potentially be avoided, ensuring a lifetime of healthy feet.

Sports-Related Injuries Sports-Related Injuries

Sports injuries of the foot and are common, and can keep players away from their sport sometimes for extended time.  The proper diagnosis and prompt treatment of these conditions can be instrumental in getting the athlete back to their sport.  Our podiatrists treat sports injuries in the foot and ankle, and have extensive experience in getting Indiana athletes back on their feet as quickly as possible.  Below you can find descriptions of some common sports injuries that affect the foot and ankle.  More detailed articles on each condition and treatment options can be found in our Learning Library section.

Children's Foot Problems Children's Foot Problems

Kids can experience foot pain and injuries just like adults.  Foot and ankle problems in kids are quite common, and usually should be properly treated to avoid future potential issues later in life.  This section will discuss some common foot and ankle problems kids experience, and how some of these conditions can be treated.

Foot Surgery Foot Surgery

Foot and ankle surgeries are common, and performed everyday to treat a wide variety of conditions.  The decision for surgery usually comes when non-surgical therapy is not helping sufficiently, and one has either exhausted non-surgical options or one has elected to undergo surgical care.  Some conditions do not even have effective non-surgical options, and require surgery for the best chance of recovery.  Foot and ankle surgery, like all other types of surgery,  can be either simple or complex depending on what needs to be corrected, and is performed to reduce pain and improve function of the foot or ankle.

Ingrown Toenails Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown nails are very common, and can develop in anyone at any age. Although the big toe is usually where the symptoms develop, the other toes can sometimes be affected.

Bunions Bunions

Bunions are a complex foot deformity of both bone and soft tissue. It is basically a misalignment of the big toe with the big toe joint.  Joint pain in the great toe can develop over time due to its abnormal position as the cartilage can gradually wear down.

Warts Warts

Warts are potentially painful callus-like sores on the bottom of the foot, and are caused by a viral infection.  They can spread from person to person, and in some cases can create large clusters that make walking painful.  Specialized treatment is needed to completely cure a person from this infection.